Born in New York of Lebanese parents, Colette has carried on the entrepreneurial spirit of many generations in her family. Growing up with Soho as her backyard, she was exposed to the emerging art and design world. In contrast she was surrounded by the glamour of her family's luxury dress house. In 1987, just out of college, she invented a unique hair accessory {The Malouf Pouf} that catapulted her into business and put her on the international fashion map.

As a pioneer in the category of luxury hair accessories,  Colette expanded globally and became immersed in Japan since 1995 and China since 2007. After so many visits to Japan, she became inspired by the meticulous cultural design and lifestyle aspects; food presentation, lacquered and ceramic crafts and the Zen onsens (hot springs and spas) with women's bathing and personal grooming rituals. All of this informs Colette's approach to designing products of teh finest quality that are also function and purist.

"Hair is a powerful element of our personal well-being and everything we put in it should feel sensual and luxurious" says Colette.