Why You Should Trade Your Elastic Hair Bands For Lucite Accessories This Summer

serpent hair twist how to with lucite lab hairpin by colette malouf

By mid-summer, the messy bun and ponytail get old.

And if your strands are short, you might not want to be reaching for the product or that tired hair clip or band every day.

But outside of hair styling boredom, there are a few other reasons to switch out the elastic band for something higher quality this summer.

If you’re using a regular, drug store-bought elastic hair band every single day of the summer, you can cause permanent damage to your ultra-sensitive hairline. Pulling your strands back tight repeatedly with elastics can weaken the follicles until the hair falls out, which can result in a receding hairline. Yikes!

If you’re in love with one ponytail or updo style and keep using elastics in the same place in your hair, you can damage and cause breakage to that specific section, kind of like how using a hot tool regularly damages your hair.

That’s why it’s not only good for your hair confidence, but your hair health to change it up with different styles and accessories, while also staying cool this summer.

Instead of elastic, we recommend lucite.

Lucite is a clear, heavier and denser type of plastic that we use in our accessories to give them a more secure feel. Flimsy, breakable hair accessories are not our cup of tea.

Here are some of our go-to styles using our chic and simple lucite accessories that are super easy to recreate on a hot, muggy day.

We’re obsessed with this sophisticated Hair Hoop set that is actually made of three different parts that can each be worn separately.



This versatile piece can save your neck from extra moisture that might appear on a hot, sunny day. The style above showing a braid looped into the set is a perfect example of what you can do to feel as cool as you look.

As we said before, an elastic ponytail holder can not only damage your hair, but it also gets boring. Change it up with a clip that will hold your hair back from your face and off your collarbone without that pulled-tight feel.

Unlike your regular hair band, our Lab “O” Clip is designed to never break. Its open center is forgiving for any amount of hair, especially if your strands are thick. If you have finer hair, this clip works best with a twist.



For most, the summer is busy and packed with social events, some more upscale than others. Let’s not forget that wedding season is just around the corner, too.

You might not have time to sit for hours in a salon or at home styling an elegant updo, and sometimes one elegant hairpiece can do the trick.

Our Lucite Bubbles Barrette is strong enough to hold back long hair, but with a soft enough aesthetic to go with any elegant outfit, day or night.




To beat the heat, hair boredom and possible damage this summer, we challenge you to explore accessories and textures outside of elastic and make every day a good hair day.

Interested in looking for that perfect lucite piece you can rock in your strands this summer? Shop our collection here.

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