Made with passion, with elegance, and a dash of mystery in our Soho atelier, we invite you to discover the magic of mesh for evening. Each of these floral arrangements is manipulated by hand using premium Italian wire mesh. Though strong, this wire is sinewy and surprisingly delicate.

Today we’re featuring two of our newest groups from the Spring 2017 collection: the Crocus group and the Primrose Pearl group. To see the Crocus group click on the first photo (from left to right) below. For the Primrose Pearl group click the last (from left to right).

Named after the genus of flowering plants in the iris family, the Crocus group features a cup-shaped silhouette with honey-hued Swarovski crystals in a larger cut called Galactic for major impact. We added winding vine-like leaves beaded with black crystals for extra sparkle.  Crocus flowers are found all over the earth, from Europe to Africa, to Asia and the Middle East. This makes it the flower mascot for our Global Explorer collection this season.

Featuring a coronet of soft petals, the Primrose is Spring’s earliest blooming flower. We mimic¬†the layered petal look by using both Italian wire mesh and soft leathers kissed with Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl beading. Though a common flower for the season, their charm and beauty evoke the freshness of the season.

Both groups can be enjoyed in several silhouettes and colors– find your favorite.

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