Colette Malouf Hair Twist How-To with Steel U Hairpin

Recreate Colette Malouf’s signature hair twist hairstyle with a few flicks of the wrist and one of our hairpins.

  1. First tie your hair up into a low ponytail using a Colette Malouf logo bead elastic
  2. Slide the elastic down a bit, this helps you hide the elastic when creating your twist
  3. Flip the ponytail up while twisting the hair left to right, folding the ends of your hair down and into this first twist if it’s on the longer side
  4. Lightly grasp the hair that you’ve just swept up and twist in the opposite direction (right to left), tucking the hair into the tunnel created by the first twist
  5. Secure using any one of our hairpins by piercing into the finished twist, pivoting the pin so that it goes around and through left to right

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